A Quick Peek at Ford’s Presence at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Every year the Goodwood Festival of Speed draws immense crowds to the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex, England for a three day celebration of racing, and automotive performance. It is a truly unique event held at one of the most picturesque locations in all of Europe and it just so happens to showcase some of the most impressive race cars from the past and present, and so much more that we can’t fit here. Ford established its presence there with the vehicles of the Ford performance lineup, including the Ford GT and all-new Ford Focus RS.

Of course, where high-performance cars go, Ken Block is sure to be nearby, and the famous racer was in attendance for the 2015 festival. Driving his custom 1967 Mustang and a Focus RS, Block was likely one of the attendees to have the most fun. Take a look at the video below which features Block explaining some of the highlights of the festival.

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Go Behind the Magician’s Curtain to Learn About Ford EcoBoost Engines

It’s not every day you get to see a magician reveal their secrets, in fact some magicians have been barred from their guilds for revealing secrets. But Ford is a different kind of magician, delivering automotive experiences that can seem downright magical. Among the many incredible Ford models, drivers will likely notice the emergence of EcoBoost engines, more fuel efficient alternatives for drivers to choose.

But how do these new engines work? Since many of us don’t have engineering degrees, allow a Ford Engineer to explain exactly how these engines work, in terms we can all understand.

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Ford Readies for Big Weekend at Watkins Glen

The Watkins Glen raceway holds a special place in the heart of racing fans. A challenging and iconic course, this weekend it hosts the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge race. While this race may not have the immense popularity of other events, this running of the race will likely find more eyes upon it, as it is the first time we will be able to witness the Ford Shelby® GT350R-C Mustang in action.

Very heavily based on the Ford Shelby® GT350R that was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show, this new racer is also powered by the all-new Ford 5.2-L flat-plane-crank V8, though it’s safe to assume that the power output will be slightly different than the 500+horsepower of the model revealed in Detroit.

Check out the reveal from Detroit below and check out the race this weekend to see the vehicle in action.

To catch the race this weekend, tune in to the IMSA website, but to learn more about the Ford Mustang or the many variants thereof, come and see the Jim Bass Auto Group. Our family of dealerships will be able to easily and conveniently set you up in the perfect new Ford for a future of automotive bliss throughout San Angelo, TX and beyond.

All-New Maxima Perfect for Joy Rides

When revealed to national audiences for the first time, the all-new 2016 Nissan Maxima made quite the impression. The aggressive exterior caught our attention and now that we can finally get our hands on the car, excitement is at an all-time high. The rebirth of this long-running model finds it in a much more aggressive and adrenaline-charged place, ready to satisfy drivers of all kinds.

The latest ad from Nissan shows just how effective the various driving modes are when it comes time to reconnect with your former self. Check it out below and see a dad and his dog reconnect with themselves in a new Maxima.

The new Maxima thrives in the world of performance thanks to the 300-horsepower engine hidden under the aggressive and attractive lines of the Maxima. Offering a sport-tuned chassis and sport driving mode, the new Maxima is the ultimate definition of a sports sedan.

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Let the All-New Nissan Maxima Reinvigorate your Life

Sometimes in life, we have to take a moment to step back from the daily demands to re-inspire our imaginations, or even to just experience something different for a few moments. In Nissan’s latest ad, this practice of escapism is highlighted by a man and his dog. After being presumably being dressed up by children, the dog seeks solace in the garage, where his owner drops his task at hand and the pair take a drive in the all-new Nissan Maxima. Check it out below.

The Maxima’s 300-horsepower engine and incredibly luxurious interior are more than enough to reinvigorate anyone suffering from a lackluster day. But if that isn’t enough, the all-new Maxima features a sport driving mode so that performance purists can squeeze every bit of power out of the vehicle.

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The Nissan LEAF Will Make an EV Fan Out of You

Here at Jim Bass Auto Group we know that some drivers are skeptical about electric vehicles. Maybe it’s because they don’t think EVs can do as much as gas cars can. Well we think the Nissan LEAF can change their minds and turn them into EV fans. Just watch the video below to hear what one LEAF owner has to say about her experience with this vehicle.

It’s clear that this family is happy with their decision to drive the LEAF. They originally thought it would be their secondary vehicle used just for short errands, but its capabilities far exceeded their expectations. It turned out they could use it for just about anything, so that’s just what they did. Now it’s their primary vehicle that they use for both their short and long trips. Its 126 city MPGe and 84-mile driving range makes it easy to use this vehicle the same way you would use a gas car, while saving money along the way.

If you’re interested in learning more about the LEAF or any of our other available new Nissan models, feel free to stop by our San Angelo, TX dealership. We are always happy to tell our customers al about our vehicles.

The Lincoln MKX is More Than Just an SUV

If you’re looking for a vehicle that provides more than just a means of transportation, then the Lincoln MKX could be a great fit for you. This vehicle was designed to provide the best driving experience possible. In this video you can hear the designers talk about the work that went into making this vehicle so great.

These designers did more than just design a vehicle that could get drivers from one location to another; they designed the ultimate driving experience in the form of this stylish SUV. They tailored each little detail from the shape of the tail lights to the feel of the volume knob to create the most enjoyable experience possible for the driver. Here at Jim Bass Auto Group we think this vehicle is a great choice for drivers who want to enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

To get a closer look at the Lincoln MKX, be sure to visit our dealership here in San Angelo, TX. We would be happy to show you our available vehicles and answer any questions you may have about them.

How Much Can the 2015 Ford F-150 Really Handle?

Here at Jim Bass Auto Group we know that the Ford F-150 has always been a tough truck. Well the 2015 model was designed to be the toughest one yet, thanks to its aluminum alloy body. Take a look at the video below to see just how tough it really is.

It’s clear that aluminum alloy bed is stronger than the steel bed; although they both dented when they were pelted with various objects, the dents in the aluminum alloy bed were shallower than those in the steel. So when you’re loading cargo into the back of your 2015 F-150, you can feel confident that your truck is durable enough to handle it and stay in great shape in the process.

To see this tough truck up close and personal, be sure to visit our dealership here in San Angelo, TX. We would be happy to show you the Ford F-150 models that we currently have available.

Get the Best of Safety and Excitement in the Mazda CX-5

All drivers want to stay safe on the road, but some of us are looking for a little excitement with our drive as well. Is it possible to have both? Well when you drive the Mazda CX-5 it is. Check out the video below to see this vehicle in action.

As you can see, this vehicle responded quickly and accurately to the driver’s input, allowing it to maintain stability. The Mazda CX-5’s SKYACTIV®-Chassis and SKYACTIV®-Drive Automatic Transmission provide that quick response and help keep the driver in control at all times for a stable and safe drive, even at top speeds. Here at Jim Bass Auto Group we think this vehicle is a great choice for drivers who like to be a little adventurous with their speed but who also want to make sure they can keep their passengers safe.

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Discover the all new Nissan Rogue!

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Nissan Rogue

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